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In the National Federation of Coffee Growers we are late to grow, develop and transform talent into welfare for coffee families.
Our employees are characterized by living the vocation of service and have a high sense of social responsibility by representing the more than 500 thousand coffee families in the country.
  We act under the values of transparency, respect, integrity, responsibility, search for the common good, commitment, equity, good faith and loyalty.


“I am happy and grateful to work in this beautiful company that I love with my soul, to serve the most beautiful thing this country has: its peasant and coffee people; it makes my heart beat to see the smile on the faces of coffee farmers and their families, and that Colombian coffee is the best in the world ”
Yulieth Lanziano – Central Office

“My reason for pride is to serve our coffee communities every day through training, social work, technology transfer and bringing well-being and quality of life to coffee farmers who do a noble job”
Robert Cárdenas – Comité Antioquia

“I am proud to be part of this family because we always aim to SERVE the coffee grower always seeking their well-being, which fills us with gratitude and also allows us to enjoy our daily work with motivation”
Luz Fanny Echeverri – Cenicafé


If you are looking for a company where you can contribute with your vocation of service, innovation, teamwork and feel that you are late to achieve results to ensure the welfare of the Colombian coffee grower, send us your resume and at the moment we have a vacancy that fits We will be contacting your profile.


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Get ready to be part of one of the largest coffee families in the world!